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best bmx bikes

You want to buy the best BMX bikes but can’t decide what to buy as you are stunned by various models, color schemes, sizes offered by the manufacture.  Then this page will definitely guide you as you can able to know different types of BMX bikes, its components, the right one that solves your requirements and reflect your personality.

Think your requirements before a happy buy

Before visiting BMX showroom, you need to define yourself a bit. Focus on how you’ll use your new BMX bike once you purchase it. And identify your necessityby littlequestionings to figure out the right model’s for you.

  • Do you like to race?
  • Do you have interest in park and rampsriding?
  • Do you want to dirt jumps?
  • Do you prefertravelling around the town and street riding?
  • Do you choose something more lenient and bigger than 20-inch wheel BMX bikes, but that maintains the same purpose?


Cheer with the exceptional features

First of all it’s important to raise knowledge regarding three different types of BMX bikes: the rue BMX bike, the Street/Dirt-Jump/Park 20-inch bike, and the Flatland 20-inch bike. Also need to know the sentence “20-inch bike” stands for the wheels have a diameter of twenty inches.

Another extension of BMX bike is the cruiserwhich slightly more lenientthat is why tall riders may find it more comfortable. At the same time it ensures accurate handling, larger but light frame that contains 24-inch wheels. If you have a planning to race, you need to be aware that there are separate cruiser-class category for cruiser bikes racing.

The Best BMX Race Bikes

Best BMX Race Bikes

True BMX bikes started back in the late sixties, were designed for racing over jumps and around berms in the mud. Quick and precise handle of best BMX bikes are made of still, designed for racing. They are assembled by 20-inch wheels, small seats, long cranks and strong special hand brakes. The frames are light but solid, and the more you higher the price, you will get the lighter one.

The best BMX bikes frames are generally made of chromoly steel or aluminum whichmakes them cheap and heavy and alsooften made of monster shaped tubing. Aluminum is rust-free. So that, no need to rush in case of getting scratch on your frame.

The best BMX race bikes ensurea more powerful-braking linear-pull brake by locating it on top of the seat stays. It contains a large chain ring that helps to distribute the pedal force over more chain links. It’s make surethe comfort when you’re loading up the pedals with pressure waiting for the gate to drop at the start of a race.

The best BMX race bikes offer different frame sizes. The bellow chart shows the approximate comfortable size based on rider age. Professional and Expert bikes are sometimes available in XL (Extra Long) sizes also.


Dirt Jump, Street and Park Bikes

In general the street/park 20-inch bike can be a great option to go with if you’re just not sure what you want. As these 20-inch bikes are made of steel which makes theme little heavier than the racing BMX bikes. However special models use superior grade steel and narrow tubes which makes them fairly light with excellent riding characteristics.

You’ll also get an easier gear ratio on these bikes. This ratio is easy to pedal and caring to your knees. Smaller chain ring will ensure your safety at the time of dropping from a wall or trying lip tricks and disaster airs. A smaller chain ring is comfortable for handling.

This kinds of bikes are definitely the most versatile of the three styles. Pegs you may find on park and street BMX bikes, but that’s prohibited on BMX race bikes. These steel cylinders bolt onto your wheels allow you to stall on coping and rails If you want to run pegs by using a 14-mm rear axle which is heavier than the 3/8-inch axle on a race bike. This axles will ensure better handling of the forces generated by the pegs.

Flatland Best BMX Bikes

The flatland bike is the most specialized for its unique frame geometry and component. The style of riding has been considered as the breakdancing of biking which is truly incredible. At the time of riding you willget a perfect balance on their bike and handle it into different positions producing wild tricks. As the flatland frame is much smaller than a standard BMX frame, it helps you to move on risky situations. Shorter wheel base will allows you to crop the bike around easily. Its unique style top and down tube also gives the rider extra consent to move on the bike.

Significant component differences are the zero-offset fork and the free coaster hub. The zero- offset fork enhance a straight line pressure from the handlebars into the front-wheel axle which creates an ideal balance point for the front end of the bike. On the other hand free coaster hub allows the rear wheel to spin backward without engaging and rotating the cranks which enhance the rider to roll any direction and maintain the same foot alignment, great balance and tricks.

Most commonly you’ll find both a front and rear U-brake as it run an array of brakes setups. However, some of it’s use only a front brake, a rear brake or no brakes at all. You can also find, flatland bikes run four pegs, the seat post is long, the crank arms are short and the tires are smooth and overstated very high. So, flatland 20-inch bikes provide everything you need to pull off exclusive tricks back-to-back.

Consider, is it a perfect and lighter BMX Bike or not?

Ordinary BMX bikes are made from standard Hi-ten steel which is sufficiently strong but equally heavy. Special BMX bikes are usually made from chromoly steel oraluminumwhich is solid, rust free as well as lightweight.The best BMX bikes tend to go up in price as they get lighter.

Which tyre is more efficient?

best bmx bikes

Well, Its vary between disciplines in order to match conditions. Usually dirt tracks used for off-road racing. The tread of the best BMX bike tyre should maximize speed as well as provide traction and grip for surrounding and accelerating. Freestyle bikes have a more all roundtyre with grip running down the sides . Knobby tyres are the best for Dirt / Jump BMX, as speed isn’t the main importance. You have to chose those tyres which provide maximum traction and a surface that is often unpredictable.

Which wheel quality is appropriate?

best bmx bikes

It depends on the types of your bike. The best BMX race bikes generally use lighter wheels to accelerate out of the gate. For freestyler or dirt/ jump BMX bikes, the wheels need to be ultra-sturdy to grip impacts from harsh landings. Commonly 48 spoke wheels with double walled rim constructionis used for freestyle bikes to get maximum strength, especially on the rear. In case dirt / jump bikes the wheels needs extra strength of double walled rims but usually go for 36 or 32 spokes to reduce weight.

Does BMX appropriate as a good first bike?

The best BMX bikes are designed to accelerate quickly with a single speed. Usually perfect for those who use for short distance riding to the local skate part, down a local trail. But if you’re anticipating for longer rides you more comfort and gears.  BMX bikes are small,long-lastingand light.  BMX bikes are quick bikes, which is perfect for high energy people.

Final words

From our above discussion we easily found the best BMX bikes is the coolest bikes for kids and at the same time they are very popular and easy to ride with a low frame and low step over. The rise bar set up helps to maintain an upright riding position with a good vision.  The design is simple enough which ensures easymaintenances.

So friends are you in the market for a new BMX bike?





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