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A privacy policy is a type of agreement that tells about the using data between two parties-service provider and customers. Actually, the Dos and don’ts follow some terms and conditions according to the site-owner that must be abides by the users. In the same way, the owner of the site is bound to show the equal treatment in using the data from its customers or service takers. Some privacy factors are given below-

Info that we require and the why

definitely may require contact us

During a visit on our site, you definitely may require contact us and thus, on a sudden you mail us to know more about or comment on a particular post. And this way we get connected each other. Otherwise, you can subscribe our email notifications for some major updates or services. As we become connected to each other, hence, to collect your personal info comes in a natural sense, keeping service-oriented attitudes in mind. But be sure, we do not sell or share your personal info for business purpose. You are our valued clients in which we get our service-platform rejuvenated.


Details bellow about our Cookies

Cookies are some records that trace your presence on visiting sites. So, when you get away from our site after a visit, you then leave some signs in which we can track and knock you later if needed. So, you should be agreed to our privacy to make use of your data this way.


Details bellow about our Copyright

This is a type of bond that you are not entitled to use any of the content such article, video, audio, image etc. without our definite concern. The site that includes all the stuff is locked under the ownership of “Foldingreviews.com”. So, before getting any attempt to violate our conditions, our consent is a must to pass the permission to do. Or legal action should be taken against the perpetrators.

Last Edited June 24, 2017

If you need any other information or have any questions about our Company privacy policy, please Contact Us here without any hesitation.